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Waterfront Grill and Gathering

Good Food - Good Friends - Good Times

About us

Overlooking the mighty Kentucky River the Waterfront Grille in Winchester provides an authentic dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere. Serving lunch and dinner, The Waterfront Grill is a welcome stop for any occasion. Lunch includes a classic assortment of local favorites like signature burgers, chicken, pork or catfish sandwiches all grilled on our trademark "Salt Block." For dinner you can have a full range of starters, salads and mains, like a salt block Salmon Platter. Whether you're a kayaker that pulls up to the shore, or a local who wants to sit and enjoy a cold beer and a signature dish while overlooking the natural beauty of the river and those enjoying it...the Waterfront Grill is the perfect place to gather.

Please join us at the "Waterfront Grill & Gathering."

Proud owners Deb Garrison and John Tucker have lived in Kentucky their entire lives. They have owned many businesses over the years but the Waterfront Grill is their pride and joy!

Incredible food, an enjoyable atmosphere and meaningful conversations, it's all about community. When you visit, you'll see why we love this place so much!


"I've been cooking with Salt Blocks for years" says John Tucker, Managing Partner at The Waterfront. "A major benefit to cooking on a salt block is that it imparts a deeper, more complex flavor profile to your food."Using a salt block slowly gives food a delicate salt flavor, rather than overpowering it, and the low porosity and moisture retention of salt blocks mean they are a naturally antimicrobial. It's the most incredible cooking surface you can use. The Waterfront Grill is proud to be one of the only restaurants in Kentucky that uses custom Salt Blocks to prepare our signature dishes.